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From Steve Chapman, Author: A Look at Life from a Deer Stand      

“I was glad to get the manuscript for his book titled, Hunt of a Lifetime: An Outdoorsman’s Journey to Prayer. I discovered as I read through the chapters that there’s a purpose for it that goes beyond enjoyable familiar imagery.   

Perhaps the best way to describe the book is to use a reference to the movie, Jeremiah Johnson. Jeremiah (Robert Redford) left civilization in the city to go it alone into the mountain wilderness and at a time in his wandering that he needed a friend the most. He encountered “Bear Claw” (Will Geer). Drawing from his own experience as a survivor in the untamed wilderness, Bear Claw helped the young wanderer learn more about how to navigate the roughness and dangers of the remote mountains.   

Reverend Gus Richard and I after a day of king salmon fishing in Juneau, Alaska in 2008.

Scott’s book can be a timely “Bear Claw” encounter for the “Jeremiah Johnsons” who are on the journey to heaven through the wilderness of this world. Reading it can help guide the heart to life-changing spiritual insights. Some are revealed through the accounts of timeless biblical characters who were outdoor types, and some come from Scott’s personal collection of experiences as an outdoorsman. In addition, there is a challenge to record thoughts and emotions on the pages provided for journaling. Following Scott’s lead in this activity can further contribute to knowing why it’s so important to take the right steps on this adventure called Life. Your journey will be blessed by this book.”

From Al Lindner, Host of Lindner’s Angling Edge television

“My brother Ron gives an intriguing seminar entitled “Does Jesus have a Soft Spot for Fisherman?” In this talk he looks at the past, present and future of Jesus’ dealing with humanity. For example, the three years of Jesus’ earthly ministry is chockful of interaction with boats, water, fish and fisherman; which concludes with Jesus actually cooking a shore lunch with a whole bunch of fisherman. 

My daughters and I fishing for fingerling king salmon in Juneau in 2007.

In the book Hunt of a Lifetime, Scott like Ron, uses many fish and fishing analogies to describe his interaction with Jesus in this present world. But wait!  In the far, far future (Ezekiel 47:9-11) proclaims that in the millennial kingdom, after Jesus returns to the earth, we find that fisherman will be storing a whole bunch of equipment on the shores of a renewed and amazingly freshly stocked and ecologically restored body of water. There you have it. Jesus has a soft spot for fisherman; past, present and future.”

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