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A little about Scott . . .

Scott Lemasters is a 33-year Veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard. Born in West Virginia, Scott grew up on the Chesapeake Bay in rural Mathews County, Virginia. He has enjoyed tours of duty in Alaska, Louisiana, Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, Michigan, and Florida. Of course, this has also allowed for plenty of hunting and fishing opportunities!   

Scott’s love for fishing began early in life with his father. Together, they have enjoyed rich waters all over the world, and they still do! From tiger fish on the Zambezi River, to red salmon on Kodiak Island, to walleye on the Great Lakes, Scott offers a wealth of experiences to share. He is also blessed to have pursued a wide variety of big-game animals with “do-it-yourself” hunts for Dall sheep, coastal brown bear, moose, mountain goat, black bear, and whitetail deer. Included in his many adventures are guided hunts for Cape buffalo, sable, kudu, mule deer, aoudad, and mountain lion. One of his proudest outdoor moments was guiding his dad for coastal brown bear on Admiralty Island, Alaska. That said, watching all three of his children catch their first fish is a very close second!

Professionally, Scott worked for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, a U.S. Senator, and the current Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard.  He ran search and rescue in Southeast Alaska (2006-2009), led Coast Guard operations on Lake Huron and Erie (2014-2017), and—most recently—served as the Coast Guard and Homeland Security liaison to U.S. Special Operations Command (US SOCOM) in Tampa. He retired from the Coast Guard at the end of 2020.

Scott enjoys sharing hunt stories and the Gospel. To contact him about speaking at your church retreat, game dinner, banquet, or other ministry opportunities, you can reach him at or fill out a contact form. God bless.

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