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Welcome to Trailblazer Ministries!

Our mission is to lead outdoorsmen into a deeper relationship with Jesus through daily prayer and fellowship.

True outdoorsmen are inspired by nature. We share an emotional connection to creation that, whether we recognize it or not, is a call from God. Have you responded to this call by spending time alone with Him each day in prayer? If not, you are missing out on His very best for you and your family. 

You are blessed with a Savior who loves you, cares about every detail of your life, and wants a personal relationship with you. He also enjoys the company of outdoorsmen and sharing a good campfire with his friends—check out the 21st chapter of John! 

Please reach out to Scott at Trailblazer Ministries if you’d like him to join or lead your men’s ministry event. An outdoorsman’s connection to God’s creation is a powerful way to share the Gospel and lead men to Christ. And it’s entertaining! From funny and captivating hunting and fishing stories to personal accounts of surrender and intimacy with the Holy Spirit, Scott will pray and work with you to pursue the Lord’s will for your church retreat, game dinner, banquet, or other event.

We are more than just Fishers of Men! This is a walleye pic of my dad and me on the Detroit River.

My “Uncle,” Joe Schultz, and I on our coastal brown bear hunt to Admiralty Island, Alaska.

Please also check out Scott’s book, Hunt of a Lifetime: An Outdoorsman’s Journey to Prayer, here. It’s available for purchase at PrayerShop Publishing and Amazon.

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